Why Choose Spotify Premium Over Other Music Streaming Services?

Spotify is easily the first service that comes to mind if you already subscribe with a music streaming platform; Spotify Premium offers several key advantages over others whilst being our top choice for an alternative. The most crucial feature here is the vast library containing over 70 million songs. The library is comparably massive compared to other platforms the like of Apple Music and Amazon Music, but really pales in comparison when you peer into Spotify's offering.

Arguably the best part of Spotify Premium is its pricing. Individual plan: Costs $9.99 a month, which is on par with other big music services such as Apple Music Spotify has also some promo deals, for example 3 months free Spotify premium - this makes value of service even better. You get up to six accounts under the family plan, which costs only $14.99 a month and is ideal for families looking to save some moolah on their bills circuitously.

Sound experience has a great deal to do with the popularity of Spotify. One of these such features, is the Discover Weekly feature that makes use of some stellar algorithms to create a playlist personalized just for you. This feature also increases user satisfaction by providing new music that matches a certain users taste. Spotify Wrapped, an annual recap of one's listening habits on the music streaming service that is often shared en masse across social media platforms.

There is nothing that can come even close to the compatibility of Spotify with any device, operating system etc. It works flawlessly with iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and connected smart platforms such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Across all levels, this means high-quality and consistent listening on everything from headphones to the largest of dedicated stereo systems; something not every rival can manage.

The subscription includes Spotify Premium (no ads, listen without any restrictions and on offline mode.) A boon especially for those having data-constrained plans or are fond of roaming around. Downloading is for just 10,000 songs across five devices - ample wiggle room to listen offline.

Spotify Premium has 320 kbps streaming - comparable to other top-tier services. But Spotify has unique features like crossfade, gapless playback and playlist folders etc, which makes the experience better of listening to music.

Spotify have historically been dominating the (music) streaming space. It started in 2008, setting the bar for later entrants. You can see the company is very innovative and user experience driven as they always update new features.

In the words of Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek: "Music, uniquely among the arts, is both completely abstract and profoundly emotional. It has no significance or worth until it reaches the heart of a sawakin. This philosophy motivates Spotify's vision for making a more robust, deeply integrated service that differentiates Playlist Organic curators from other services.

Spotify Premium is one investment into a user-friendly vast-catalogue-music-service with daily listening ergonomics in mind. Check out spotify premium For more details.

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